Monday, January 21, 2008

Prompt and Efficient Services in Hotels Geneva

The moment I had hit upon the hotel I felt would suit my purpose of visiting Geneva I put in a request for Swiss Fondue. I had to search a long list of hotels Geneva on the internet before I could finally decide on a hotel. The reservation was categorically told to see to it that there was no goof up otherwise I would not be paying. Fondue had to be given top priority. To my pleasant surprise it was served the moment I checked in. I must tell you the services in hotels geneva are far better than their other European counterparts. It takes a little while to be served your order in the room but that is understandable. I quite liked the way the immediate prompt services provided by the reception staff. I really do not like hotels where they take lots of time to place your bill!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shop while staying in Cheap Hotels Geneva Switzerland

Hey guys, whenever you feel like traveling to Geneva Switzerland think about saving some money on accommodation to make room for spending on visiting the sightseeing attractions. Geneva has a number of cheap hotels Geneva Switzerland which provide reasonably priced accommodation to suit the needs of the economical budget traveler. The spare money saved by staying in these hotels allows for visiting the various museums or hanging out in some famous restaurant for some enjoyable fun time. You can make reservations in these hotels though the internet and also take advantage of the discount deals that are sometimes on offer.

Geneva has quite a few interesting spots to visit. Shopping was quite a hectic activity in the city. The sightseeing and shopping attractions are reason enough for me to head back to Geneva to experience the heart warming hospitality of the cheap hotels geneva switzerland.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Special Luxury Hotels Geneva

Geneva was a dream like place to visit. I found the vibrant city very exciting especially the luxury hotels Geneva which offer sophisticated and elegant services and amenities. Most of the luxury hotels geneva are the perfect base for rich people to indulge in some relaxation for the mind, body and spirit. I feel these luxury hotels are so well equipped that they can be the perfect base for holiday getaways. The hotel I was stayed in had excellent spa treatment facilities. Most tourists were looking forward to a relaxing treatment session at the spa. The guestrooms were immaculately maintained by the housekeeping staff. The hotel was a hub of business activities. The hotel was complete with excellent facilities for business meetings. The residential staff at the hotel was extremely polite and courteous with their services rendered to the guests. I am looking forward to my next visit and stay Geneva.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Unexpected Fun in Geneva Hotels

I was invited by Ana to visit her hometown Leysin. It took me around two hours to travel to Leysin from Geneva. The day I reached Geneva I had to search for a place to stay. I did a lot of hunting for Geneva hotels to suit my pocket. The moment I got something decent to stay for the night, I checked in. The room had been sprayed with freshener. It added to the beauty of the smell of the cool air which is common to Switzerland. I knew I would have to do a bit of traveling the next day.

When I reached Leysin I found to my surprise that Ana had organized for a tango teacher as well who was a very good friend of hers. The friend showed us some fine dancing and then forced us to join her as well. The night passed off in good humor.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Natural Hospitality in Hotels in Geneva

I traveled to Geneva by train and it was quite fun traveling across the Alp countryside. The scenery was the most breathtaking I have ever seen in my life. You feel like you are simply witnessing something out of the ordinary such is the magnificence of the sweeping landscape of the fabulous mountainous landscape. Traveling by train to Geneva was also an opportunity for me to chat up with some of the people of the region. It was a little difficult at first since we had to converse bits and pieces as they were not very fluent with English. Nevertheless, as the conversation progressed we started understating the finer nuances of the conversation. Veronique, a manager of a group of hotels in Geneva and one of my co-travelers was of mixed origin. She had beautiful olive skin and black hair. I asked her to give me a photograph of hers which she quite lovingly gave.